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What is the Gyroscope of the Mobile and how does it work? mobile tutorials

What is the Gyroscope of the Mobile and how does it work?

Have you ever wondered what is the gyroscope of the mobile and what is it for? You have to know that this is a very common question among Android users, and that is why we want to give you a hand in this regard. The first thing you have to consider in this regard is that we will also teach you to know if your smartphone has integrated gyroscope, and in that case, how to calibrate it correctly

Differences between the Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 and the Galaxy J7 2017 compare mobile

Differences between the Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 and the Galaxy J7 2017

Have you ever wondered what are the main differences between the Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 and the Galaxy J7 2017? You have to know then that in this article we are going to show you absolutely all the details about it. The first thing you should check in this regard is what is your terminal between the two, in order to be sure, and see what the other has that yours does not

The Online Sign of MEGA is Available Within Chile Applications

The Online Sign of MEGA is Available Within Chile

Mega is one of the main channels that exist in Chile that has a great schedule and different schedules for this, but something that has not left according to all the fans outside of this country, is that it is impossible to visualize the channel's online signal , since when trying to see it it shows us a message "the MEGA Online signal is available in Chile " this means that if we are in the country we can see this TV otherwise it is impossible, here we will explain to solve this problem

The best apps to learn English from your mobile mobile applications

The best apps to learn English from your mobile

Are you thinking about the possibility of studying English? Do you have to travel to a foreign country and do you think it might be important to know the main words and phrases in this language ? The good thing about all this is that you do not have to go to an institute anymore. Or yes, but you can also complement all that knowledge directly from the mobile device, thanks to the many applications of the segment

We recommend the best Soy Luna games Android games

We recommend the best Soy Luna games

One of the most popular Argentine youth series of recent times is without a doubt Soy Luna. It is broadcast by the Disney Channel Latin America . The series is undoubtedly very cute for teenagers and children at home, as it is very well cared for, has a very beautiful story and the protagonist Luna Valente is undoubtedly something impeccable in the series that ends up enchanting both young and old

The best applications to chat from your mobile mobile applications

The best applications to chat from your mobile

If at the beginning of this century we knew that mobile phones would allow us to communicate with all our acquaintances and friends regardless of where we were, the advance of technologies has shown that we now have the possibility of not only talking to them through calls, but to chat with absolutely anyone, in any circumstance

How to use the mobile phone with its damaged screen from the computer mobile tutorials

How to use the mobile phone with its damaged screen from the computer

We all know that one of the things that are most fragile in any mobile device is undoubtedly the screen, which when the phone falls to the ground is the first thing that comes to mind. It is also the most expensive to solve, since the change of it and even buy only the replacement can end up leaving a pretty important money

How to download videos of Hola Soy Germán? downloads

How to download videos of Hola Soy Germán?

In recent years, we have seen how little by little YouTube has become an indispensable tool thinking about the entertainment of people , with videos that we could see on TV ... and some others. Is that this platform has given rise to many talented people to teach their graces, and that way youtubers have been loved by thousands of spectators

activate whatsapp

Tutorial to deactivate the blue ticks of WhatsApp

Why the people of WhatsApp are all pretty crazy and they love that we do not have any privacy, something we obviously appreciate ... a moment, no, we do not. Since the update of the double blue check the headaches with this issue have not done more than grow, grow and continue to grow until mature, shortly after this option was enabled that so little needed, if not absolutely, they started to see all over the network a lot of negative comments totally against what WhatsApp had done and is why they were not lacking, we saw how our privacy was put in the toilet and with a beautiful smile on the f

How to deactivate WhatsApp calls

Since WhatsApp appeared we could say that the SMS disappeared completely, unless you have no other option and sometimes very specific it is rare that we have to use SMS. Since the calls of WhatsApp appeared, now the traditional calls were in the past. With WhatsApp both to send messages and to make video calls we spend very little credit and in case of being with Wi-Fi we spend absolutely nothing

How to activate Whatsapp without having to wait 24 hours

Do you need a presentation for the most downloaded application in the world? We can not deny that WhatsApp was growing at an impressive rate, eliminating SMS, traditional calls and helping us in a few words to have a much more fluid and economic communication with hundreds of people, with the function of video calls among other interesting things that little to little they are added to the app it does not stop growing

How to Activate the WhatsApp Video Call on Android?

There is no doubt that one of the best investments made by the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, was to buy WhatsApp for millions of dollars. This is one of the most used messaging services in the world and it is not necessary if you want to tell you if at this time you should talk to your friends through it

How to Activate Verification in two Steps of WhatsApp

Two-step verification is something that is being implemented for security reasons in a large number of applications and websites. In the case of WhatsApp this option exists for more than a year, although it is something different from what we are used to. For that reason we will see how to activate the verification in two steps of WhatsApp so you can keep your phone number safe

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How to Add a Contact to a WhatsApp Group WITHOUT being an Administrator?

I still remember that time where we had many message packs for relatively little money. In the company where I was, they gave you around 6000 SMS per week for about 4 USD at the most. Things have changed now, prices also clearly. The issue is that since we met WhatsApp not only all of us stopped using SMS because it ended up leaving us cheaper, but the phone companies did everything possible to avoid us using only mobile data and no SMS and relatively little, traditional calls

Add new icons to WhatsApp

Icons or emojis, are one of the most used tools of expression for a long time when the era of the msn, Messenger mitico was present , you can still remember when people used the buzz or emojis to express certain emotions that why not ? use an image is better than a thousand words, because if the reality is this, today that has been transferred to whatsapp but if it is true that this brought the whatsapp as something own also tends to tire that are the same or worse yet we Let's go without an image that explains how we feel at that moment is really frustrating that's why we're going

How to add emoticons to WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is one of the main applications of instant messaging in the world , one that has all kinds of elements and that especially since its acquisition by Facebook, has simply not stopped evolving. Now, in the same way we believe that it is not possible to lose sight of the fact that many users miss classic emojis or emoticons within this platform

How to add people in WhatsApp without having the number?

WhatsApp is surely the most important instant messaging application in the world , and this is because not only allows us to communicate for free with all our friends, but also be connected to many of them. In fact, we know that WhatsApp is the app of this segment that has more users, and therefore, offers us more chances to send or receive messages from all our acquaintances

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Trick to improve the Alcatel Pop C7 camera

Alcatel is a company that launched a lot of mobile devices that were not of poor quality. We go that perhaps it was not of the most popular practically never in its history, but the mobiles inside everything were defended quite well. In this case we have to talk about the Alcatel One Touch Pop C7 , a phone that has some very good features with a 5 MP camera , although it seems poor and the truth is that it leaves to be desired, we must take into account that the device It is not exactly a high-end phone or a price too high to say

How to Increase Alcatel Volume with Code

Android devices are much more than they seem at first glance. If you are a regular reader you will already know that there are some Android secret codes that allow you to get much more out of your phone. This time we are going to focus on how to increase Alcatel volume with code . It has happened to all of us that at some time, due to very different circumstances, we wanted or needed to increase the volume of our device above what was allowed by the device itself and, as is logical, we could not do it

How to recover videos or files on Alcatel mobile phones

Surely on some occasion or in several you have deleted some video or photos , files in general perhaps by accident or maybe because you simply did not want to see them anymore and then we ended up regretting it. If you want to recover the files that you deleted and you do not know how to do it, then we are going to show you exactly what you should do to be able to recover these files without any kind of problem and above all things without complicating your life all on your Alcatel mobile phone

My Alcatel turns on but does not start [Solution]

Alcatel may not be one of the best known brands around the world, but we can not deny that, with its limitations, they are still very good devices. On all the things in my personal case I had an Alcatel 6040A are quite resistant. It was not just a few times that this phone dropped to the ground. The Alcatel could say that it is one of the brands that are accessible to many audiences, for those who do not want or can not spend a fortune on mobile devices, this brand is quite competent and offers products of very good quality, I can tell from experience