How to Move Applications to the SD Card in Android

Especially in mobile devices of low or medium range, the problems related to storage is something of every day, that is why many look for solutions and wonder how to move applications to the SD card since many of these consume a large amount of space on the mobile.

It is not at all complicated to know how to move applications to the SD card in Android . Next, let's see step by step how you should do and what your options are.

How to move applications to the micro SD

  • Being a root user, you have to go to Settings and then Applications.
  • Here as you can see when opening any application, the move to SD card button appears in gray, which means it can not be moved. How to solve this problem?
  • What you are going to do is download the Link2SD application from the Play Store through this link.
  • Once downloaded, you have to open the application and you will be able to see a complete list of all the applications that you have installed on your device.
  • Find the application that you could not move to the SD card before and press on it. Now you will see information about it, but if you scroll down you will see that a button appears that says " Move to the SD card " which is enabled.
  • A warning message appears, simply click on accept and you already have the application on the SD card.

To confirm that this application was moved to the SD card, you have to go back to Settings and Applications, look for that app and when you open it the option of " Move to internal storage " if you see this option is because the application is actually found on the SD card.

Move applications to the SD card

As you will see it is not too complicated to move the applications to the SD card, it is a matter of a few seconds you can have all the apps you want working from the card and in this way save a good amount of space on your device or even install many applications .

There are many people who wonder how to move applications to the SD card since low-end or mid-range devices come with very little internal memory which is generally consumed by the operating system, with this solution they no longer go to have more problems about it

That if you need to be a root user, but that is not too complicated and you should search, if you do not have root rights, a tutorial on the blog because we have several but for the specific model of your mobile device.