How to unlock my Samsung Galaxy

Releasing a Samsung Galaxy is not really as complicated as it seems, the tool that we will use to do it is an application that you can get even in the Play Store, it is called Galaxy S Unlock, apart from this app you have to be, obviously, Root user and after this in a few steps that we are going to discuss below you will be able to have your Samsung Galaxy released either the Galaxy S or the Galaxy SII for example.

To take into consideration

This kind of process, even the rooting of a device what it does is that our guarantee, if you still have it, is completely annulled, on top of the Galaxy S Unlock what it does is modify all the files of the system to be able to release the bone device Obviously there is no way for the guarantee to be maintained. In addition to all this it is necessary that you have a WiFi connection to be able to complete the process or even 3G or 4G data connection is the same.

The following terminals are compatible with this method to be able to be released: Galaxy S, S2, Galaxy R, ACE, Mini and Galaxy Note.

But come on, step by step

Good enough talk and go to the action, we obviously started having our phone rooted, but if you're looking to release it we'll assume that at least you know how to root it, so let's go directly to download and install Galaxy S Unlock to accept then once the user permissions have been executed.

The application makes a backup of the EFS folder Do not you know what it is for? In a few words this folder has the important data of our mobile, data that are unique as the IMEI that is why it is so important that this folder is with a backup copy, recovering it is a real mess.

Having the process of releasing is generally 99% safe, but you should in time when some kind of problem can happen and this EFS folder is deleted or damaged, if you have a copy, it can be damaged or deleted it does not matter, because you restore the copy and you're done, you have the device like before you started the process, it's that simple.

Well, now we continue and in the second part a poster with two options appears, if you have a version of Android 2.2 up you will have to mark the second option, in case you have a lower you will have to mark the first one obviously.

Now what you are going to do is wait because the device is going to do several processes and even restart itself, do not be afraid because it is possible that this process takes a time that can go from the minute to the five minutes, so be patient.

Once I completely reboot the device, you re-open the application, but you select option number three in this case.

It appears a sign that says " unlocked, restart your phone " and now you will press on OK to restart it again and that's it, now we finally have the Smartphone completely released.

What do we do now?

And now what you should do is insert a SIM card from a company that, evidently, is not the one you had, in order to effectively check that the release was done in a satisfactory and ready manner, that would be all so that you can release your Samsung Galaxy of the family S.